Sunday, November 25, 2012

family is more than blood


these two are like peas in a pod. they might not be blood, but they are definitely family. until i met jason, mackenzie's closest sibling in age was phoenix who is 7 years younger than her. although mackenzie loves phoenix and tyler, i know she has enjoyed having siblings closer to her age like she has with ryan and jacob.

recently, a family incident occurred (that i will continue to be vague about) that caused mackenzie to turn to ugly words to show her anger toward ryan about the incident. but, even when they "say" they are mad at each other, i know they can't wait for it all to be over so they can get back to their silly ways as brother and sister. we are a family with strong family values, so i know it is killing mackenzie to see her brother make bad life choices and represent himself in such a disrespectful way. she only wants the best for him.

don't worry, ryan is fine, he is just being a typical teenager! jason and i have a much easier time understanding what he is going through than mackenzie does. i promise this whole situation is nothing more than a case of teenage selfishness. and mackenzie is certainly not innocent of that either!

i love this photo because it was taken on a day that they were really getting along, and being cooperative for photos. that never happens with these two anymore. and, it reminds us all that family is more than blood. it is an unconditional love, as well as the bond you hold with them in your heart.

linking up with the paper mama photo challenge. this month's theme is family.

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