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halloween 2012: pretty much the most photos you've ever seen in your life

halloween 2012_batgirl_spiderman

halloween this year was exciting and yet a little bittersweet at the same time. last year, we didn't even have halloween because it was super cold and pouring rain, so we just sat at home and ate all the candy my parents had sent the kids.

so this year was the first year that elijah really "got it" when it comes to the whole idea of trick-or-treating. he had so much fun! however, this was also the first year that my kids didn't go all together as a theme. ryan and jacob were with their mom and mackenzie just wasn't having it...high schoolers are way to cool for theme costumes with their MUCH younger siblings (7+ years). phoenix, tyler, and elijah still dressed up in a theme, but we just didn't get the recognition like they usually do when it was six of them.

halloween 2012_weirdo halloween 2012_weirdo_2

in the past, some of our themes were star wars, willy wonka, and scooby doo. everyone knew who we were and looked forward to our costumes each year. and our themes usually got deemed "the best of the night". i have no doubt that having six kids and being able to dress up as the entire cast of each movie is what made us such a big hit, but i must say that i was a little bummed that we didn't get that reaction this year.

halloween 2012_sunset

this year, the theme was super hereos. phoenix and tyler were both batgirl and elijah was spider man. i am starting to think that these themes are for my own personal benefit! dare i say, i hate not being the center of attention (my kids say i am a total amy duncan).

okay, so here are all the pics. enjoy!

halloween 2012_pumpkin lane

halloween 2012

halloween 2012_ghosts

halloween 2012_the end

halloween 2012_fullmoon

so, there you have it! the night was perfect, the kids had a blast, and they got lots of candy they will never be able to finish eating. 

how did you kids make out this halloween? what do you do with the leftover candy that you don't want your kids to eat? how do you handle it without a major meltdown from the kids?

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