Thursday, November 1, 2012

happy birthday, jason!


this guy certainly doesn't get the recognition he should here on this little ol' blog, but it's his birthday, so i thought i would share a little bit about him today!

where he grew up: georgia (atlanta area)

family: he has one older sister. he is super close to her and both of his parents.

what does this guy do during the week? he works for directv. he's been working there for several years now and truly loves working for such a great company.

before directv: he was a u.s. marine for 12 years

favorite genre of movies and tv: sci fi, fantasy, super heroes (tron, battlestar galactica, star trek, star wars, harry potter, avatar, the avengers). jason is a huge movie goer and pretty much likes all kinds of movies though.

what else does he like to do? xbox. he loves games like halo and call of duty.

check out the post i did earlier this year about 22 things jason has done. he has lead an amazing life and accomplished so many things. see if you can top this list of things he has done.

i love this man!

jason 3

happy birthday, jason!

November 2012

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