Monday, November 12, 2012

i am forever grateful for my bed


this past week, we decided to change out ryan's and jacob's bunk beds for something more age appropriate. they are getting too old for bunk beds, so we decided to just give them away to someone who could really use them... a family in need.

i put the beds on craigslist announcing that i wanted to give the beds to a family who could really use them and that i wanted to know who they would go to and why. within minutes, my inbox was flooded with emails from families that broke my heart. reading each person's story made me realize that even though we don't have everything i ever wanted, all of my children have beds to sleep on each night, and that, to some people, a bed is actually a luxury to them.

i wanted to share some of their stories with you because sometimes we all need a little reminder of how lucky we are to have the things we have in our life, even the things as simple as a comfortable bed.

  • I am in desperate need of this bunk bed set. My 2 children (9 & 5 yrs old) have been sharing a twin bed and have been begging for a bunk bed. We were hoping to get one for Christmas, so this would be excellent! Please let me know your availibilty for a pick up, if it is still available. Thank you!
  •  Hi My name is Michelle and I really really really need these beds. My sons are 12 and 6 and currently sharing a mattress on the floor. I am in louisburg and can pick them up now. Please call me asap.  THANK YOU
  • Hi my name is sasha . My husband and I have been looking every were for bunk beds . We are moving and are sons don't have beds. I have a 3 year old and 1 year old plus custody of my 12 year old brother. At the moment we can not afford to buy them bunk beds . Please give me a call I will very much take care of the beds . I'm very clean. This would be a lot off of our shoulders.
  • Hello. I seen your ad and I am a single mom that just got out of a bad relationship and left everything behind. I have two little girls and could really use these. If you would like you can call me. Thanks.
  •  In 2008 I gained custody of two Grandchildren. A few years later 3 more. I also have a 14 year old son I am still raising. In North Carolina there is no Grandparent rights. You do not take them you will never see them again. This state also offers only daycare and medicaid, everything else like food stamps you must qualify for. For awhile I was a big advocate to change the laws but as my family kept growing my time was soon gone.  My husband works at Central Prison in Raleigh and I am a store manager so we do not qualify for anything. 4 years ago was the roughest. We already had two and one still in a foster home. After we got her out I then got a phone call about my other daughters child. We took her too. Then the same daughter got pregnant and gave birth 11/04/12 at first we really struggled lucky for us she was in the hospital for two weeks. So we took her. When we purchased our home in 2007 our incomes could support us well. Now we have had to trim everything down and eliminate other things. We now pay our bills unless a crisis occurs, like last month when I developed a very large Kidney stone that I was rushed into surgery with. I do not regret my choices. People approach me all the time and say I do not know how you do it. I respond saying I do not know how anyone would not. There is my story.....Currently we have a old bunk bed and two toddler beds. My 14 year old sleeps on a mattress on the floor. The baby is a year now and still in a crib . One way or the other we have always managed and I will not be crushed if someone else needs it more. But it would one less thing on my plate. I have attached pictures so you know I am not a con. Good luck in your quest. I also have a grandparent page I would love for you to like on face book there maybe someone you know one day who needs this page. 
  • We lost everything we had to mold and I have been searching high and low for some furniture for my daughter as she has been very despressed over losing all hers. I would love to get these if you still have then you would make a very happy little girl.

these are just a few of the messages i got, all from people who were desperate to receive the beds to help their family out. it was such a great reminder to me that so many of the things i complain about on a daily basis are so petty compared to the issues others are facing. it was so hard to choose a family to receive the beds, knowing that so many others would still have to go without.

tonight, when you lay your head down on your pillow tonight and curl up under the blankets of your warm bed, thank God for that bed and all that you have because somewhere out there, there is a family in need and perhaps even a child sleeping on a cold floor.

November 2012

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