Saturday, November 10, 2012

jar of thanks - free printable from paper coterie

gratitude jar_2

right now paper coterie has this free give thanks printable available for you. use it to make your own gratitude jar with your family this month and teach your kids about being thankful for all the things they have. it comes with a label to put on your choice of jar and paper writing prompts to help you jot down some of the the things you are thankful for. as you fill out each little slip you can use them make a gratitude paper chain. i put ours together in less than 15 minutes and we all have already filled out our first slip of paper to get our paper chain started (even jason filled one out). this is a fun activity for the whole family and kids love it because they get to help participate in the creation of something special.

this month i am participating in 30 days of thankfulness and really wanted a way to get my kids involved as well. it is simple to put this jar in a place where it is easily accessible to them, and each day they are able to grab one of the slips. thanksgiving evening, i hope my plan to get all my children together one last time before the day retires works out, and we can sit down and read each one as a family. i might have to bribe them with hot chocolate!

gratitude jar_1

November 2012

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