Tuesday, November 6, 2012

our first family experience with a "pet"

lorna doon

i have literally been consumed with taking care of a temporary pet that showed up on our doorstep this morning. i am telling you now that this is the absolute sweetest dog i have ever been around. she is very well mannered, potty trained, and just a pleasure to be around. if we could, i would definitely take her in, but we just can't afford it. food and water is not the issue, its the vet bills that would inevitably eat a hole through our pockets and i just don't think it's fair to this sweet dog, to accept her into a home that can't give her everything that she needs.

she welcomed herself into our lives as if she had known us forever. she laid down and slept as if she felt comfortable in our presence and safe in our home. however, i can tell she is old and perhaps even in pain. she can hardly walk up our front steps and she just gives the impression that she is run down and exhausted. i hate to think that she may be at the end of her days, but at the same time, i feel grateful that she picked us to be with her during this time.

we live in a fairly small neighborhood and i have never seen her before, nor had anyone else i spoke to, and i just hope we are able to find her owners or find someone who can give her a good home. i just know it is going to be hard on my kiddos when she is gone because they are already so attached to her now. phoenix hasn't left her side since she got home from school this afternoon.

this has been a great lesson for us about owning a pet. the kids loved it, i am still questionable. i, of course would take the dog in if i could financially afford her, and i certainly don't hate the dog, but the responsibility.

and by the way, the kids named her lorna doon... like the cookies!

November 2012

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