Tuesday, November 13, 2012

save your kids' artwork to artkive


yep, i am the cold hearted mommy who dislikes when her kids bring home artwork. i hate it on my refrigerator, i hate it piled up on my counters, i do not like it here or there, i do not like it anywhere. i will not eat it... umm... oops, wrong story!

so, basically what i am trying to say is that we don't keep our kids artwork. i have a few pieces from over the years, but even with all of my kids i bet there is no more than 20 pieces between the 6 of them that we have saved.

that doesn't mean i don't love each and every thing they do, i totally do. i am amazed at how creative my kids are (me... they totally get it from me)! however, keeping every thing they make is just not my thing.

i have major OCD issues and that stuff flapping away on my refrigerator seriously makes me cringe.

recently, i discovered the app, artkive, and it is the perfect thing for me. just because i throw away my kids artwork doesn't mean i don't feel a bit guilty about it every time i toss it. with artkive, you can snap a photo of your child's artwork and store it in the app.


right now, the artkive allows you to save and share with your friends and family via email. however, soon they will have the option to print your child's artwork as a book. genius, i tell ya! my dad has a box filled with the artwork i did when i was in kindergarten... obviously i didn't get my cold heart from him... and, he has pulled it out a few times to embarrass me (like when i drew a picture at school for santa and wrote that i wanted lots of "toes" for christmas. clearly i meant toys... i think). but for the most part, it stays tucked away somewhere. i am sure it is special to my dad, but i bet if i were to somehow sneak it away and take pictures of all those things i made, he would love it as a book. he would love to have the convenience of grabbing that book off of a shelf to look back at all the silly things i made when i was so young.


i have already started saving some of my kids' work and i don't feel so guilty about tossing it in the trash now. definitely check out the artkive app and start saving your kids' artwork. find it in the app store!

i am not affiliated with artkive, nor was i paid to mention it. i just really like this app.

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