Monday, November 5, 2012

tv talk: 3 thanksgiving movies


although we put up our christmas tree and start preparing for christmas well before thanksgiving, i never start watching christmas movies until i have seen these three movies every year. there aren't a whole lot of movies that are situated around the thanksgiving holiday because, sadly, christmas tends to outshine this similar holiday of families getting together.

there are a few others that you might add to this list, but for me, it's all about these three.

1. son in law - who doesn't love the early days of pauly shore? after a few more of his movies, i was pretty much done with him, but this is hands down his best movie. a girl takes her a college friend, who grew up in the city, home for thanksgiving to her family's farm.

2. dutch - was this or wasn't this ethan embry's first movie? actually, i just checked and it wasn't his actual first, but it was one of his first starring roles. basically, he plays a spoiled rotten brat of a kid who gives his mom's new boyfriend hell when he does her a favor and picks him up at his prep school to come home for thanksgiving.

3. plains, trains, and automobiles - two strangers meet up and travel together to try and make it home in time for thanksgiving. if you haven't seen this movie, where in the world have you been? 

thanksgiving movie_silthanksgiving movie_dutchthanksgiving movie_pta

please tell me you have seen all of these movies!?!? are there any movies that you watch for thanksgiving that you would add to this list?

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