Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Brad Pitt talks to People Magazine

 Could you talk to me like you do in your commercial Bradley.

during the day my big kids are off to school and its just me and the little guy here for about 6 hours each day. although having just elijah home is much easier than having the whole gang, i sometimes need a break from being a mom. days are long for me. the big kids are up at 5:15, off to school on the bus by 6:25, and elijah is up just short of 7 a.m. most days. he almost never takes a nap anymore either. then, the big kids get home around 3:30 and in bed by 8 or 9. elijah however, is usually still awake until at least 11 every night. that leaves very little time for just myself, where i am not cooking, cleaning, washing little hands, doctoring boo boos or helping with homework. a trip to the store by myself is like a vacation. sometimes jason allows me to get away for some me time as well. and on those rare days when elijah just so happens to nap, i am sure to take advantage of the time to do something for me.

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lately with the holiday season in full swing, i love to sit under the christmas tree and read. whether it be a book with the kids or my People Magazine. i have been reading People Magazine since i was in high school... back when nothing was more important to a teenage girl than celebrity fashion, lifestyles, and gossip. even now, i find myself sparking up conversation with friends about something i read in my People Magazine about celebrities as if they are close friends.

people magazine_nov 10 issue_2012_6

in the december 10th issue of People Magazine, i was intrigued by how family oriented brad pitt and angelina jolie really are and how well they manage their household. they are always making sure that either one of them are there majority of the time by not leaving their children with others very often. i just don't understand why they are given so much criticism for their parenting. i happen to admire them both very much.

people magazine_nov 10 issue_2012_3

then this story of scott neeson, previously the president of 20th century fox international, who left his upscale hollywood lifestyle to help families in cambodia. what an amazing story.

i also enjoyed the holiday gift guide with inspiration from some of this seasons most stylish shows. love something you saw on the new show, nashville? perhaps you will find it featured in People Magazine's StyleWatch Holiday Gift Guide.

people magazine_nov 10 issue_2012_5

people magazine_nov 10 issue_2012_4

did you check out the new december 10th issue of People Magazine? be sure to get it now while its available.

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