Saturday, December 1, 2012

diy advent calendar inspiration + activites

believe it or not, this is our first year doing an advent calendar. several years ago i began the process of making one out of matchstick boxes, but it was sadly ruined by our dog who peed right on top of it because she refused to go outside during a terrible 2 foot snowstorm. yes, it was painted and drying up under our christmas tree and the next morning we were going to glue it together.

and then that happened.

this year i decided to do an advent calendar, but constructed one out of card stock and twine, for a quick and simple one. i simply used the materials i had on hand, wrote the numbers on the front, and an activity for us to do each day on the back.

i know this is a family tradition we will want to keep so i searched pinterest and found these ideas i might like to try next year when we do our advent calendar. these all seem pretty simple with minimal materials needed to make them. love that!

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

again with the help of pinterest, plus some of our own traditions, i came up with this list of activities for each day on our calendar. i try to keep a majority of them simple (and again with minimal materials) to assure that we will actually do them. december is such a busy time, but it is still nice to stop for a moment and spend some time together as a family to do these little activities. 

countdown to christmas - advent calendar activities

december 1: write a letter and christmas wish list to santa
december 2: make cinnamon ornaments
december 3: watch the original version of, how the grinch stole christmas, and drink hot chocolate
december 4: family ornament shopping trip
december 5: color christmas pictures
december 6: make and hang snowflakes
december 7: go visit santa
december 8: watch a christmas movie and eat christmas popcorn 
december 9: make salt dough ornaments
december 10: read the story, J is for Jesus, and eat candy canes
december 11: sign and send out our christmas cards
december 12: make cottonball snowmen 
december 13: dance to christmas music and drink apple cider
december 14: make homemade snowglobes
december 15: drive around to see christmas lights
december 16: watch a christmas movie and drink egg nog
december 17: make an ice wreath
december 18: make pine cone birdfeeders
december 19: make hand print reindeer
december 20: do a christmas scavenger hunt
december 21: open christmas cards
december 22: s'mores on the firepit
december 23: make reindeer food
december 24: bake cookies for santa
december 25: MERRY CHRISTMAS!

if you are a family that likes to incorporate more of the bible into your family traditions, i found this great advent calendar with additional activities plus a reading plan over at the mom diggity.

do you have an advent calendar that you use to count down the days until christmas? what are some activities that you will be doing? what is one thing you always look forward to doing with your children or family this time of year?

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