Tuesday, December 11, 2012

influenster | college voxbox

Did anyone else get this #influenster #voxbox?

i recently received a new voxbox from influenster with a variety of products geared toward college students. although i am not currently a college student, sometimes i feel i am with all these late nights of writing blog posts and reading other people's blogs. here are the products featured in this box: 

i absolutely love the pentel pen! i carry it around with me everywhere for fear that one of my kids will steal it from me. i am a sucker for a good writing pen. i carry at least 20 pens around with me in my purse at all times, but lately my pentel energel-x pen is the only one i use. they come in a variety of colors and i plan to get them all!

i used the sheets mint boost energy strips right away and finished them all within a couple days. i drink energy drinks every one and then and i just didn't feel like these sheets worked as well as the drinks, in my opinion. 

i was most hesitant about the broadway nails because that just isn't my thing. i don't like long nails and don't even paint my nails because i dislike the upkeep. when i tried these, i cut them down very low, the same length as my own nails. surprisingly, they stayed on well for about one day. i even washed my hands with them on and they held up. however, i know i would never buy them. just being honest!

the necco tropical wafers were tasty. i remember the original flavors and was very turned off by them...pretty gross actually, but these were actually quite good. i ate through the whole pack in about 20 minutes, and was very hesitant to share, if that tells you anything.

and lastly was the nyc new york color glitter pencil. i have used it a few times now, but very sparingly. quite honestly, i am super scared of this pencil because the glitter is quite large. not so big that you feel like you are carrying weight on your eyelids or anything, but big enough that if any one of those little flakes of glitter got into my eye, i would feel it, and probably develop a case of pink eye trying to get it out. seriously though, my eyes are very sensitive. other than that, i do like the pencil and it glides on smoothly. 

have you tried any of these products? if so, which ones and what did you think of them? if not, which products would you be most interested in trying?

want to know more about influenster? check out the post i did HERE for more information and find out how you too can become an influenster.

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