Monday, December 3, 2012

magic elf dust: when someone touches your elf on the shelf

magic elf dust_1

it clearly states in the story that comes with your elf on the shelf that if he is touched, he "might" lose his magic. yes, it says "might", but in this house that means he definitely will (my kids just won't learn their lesson any other way). and that is exactly what happened.

long story short... phoenix and tyler touched jimmy, our elf on the shelf, but we didn't want to ruin the whole experience for the rest of our children so we had to come up with something quick.

i "called" santa and he offered to give us a second chance. he told us he would be sending us the ingredients to make a special elf dust that would make jimmy feel better and give him his magic back.

i don't know how many other people this has happened to, but i figured we aren't the first people this has happened to so i decided to create this great way to keep the elf on the shelf fun going, instead of having to put him away for the year.

magic elf dust_4

magic elf dust

you will need:
  • small candy canes
  • real christmas tree limbs
  • cinnamon
  • sugar
  • fine red glitter
  • thick chunky silver glitter

you can come up with your own measurements for each ingredient. i used small candy canes only because they fit best in the tin i had, but the regular size is fine too. if you don't have a real christmas tree, stop by a christmas tree lot and ask for a couple branches that have fallen off and can't be used. most places will have no problem giving them to you for free. we called the red glitter, "christmas spirit", and the silver glitter was crushed silver bells.

magic elf dust_3

to make it fun, place the candy canes in ziplock bags and let your kids use a spoon to crush them up into a powder. the needles on the real christmas tree branches are very easy to remove by hand or you can let your child use scissors to cut them off as well. write your recipe on a fun piece of card stock or christmas recipe card and put everything into a container before you deliver it to your child.

once you have prepared your magic dust, sprinkle it on your elf on the shelf before bed and he should get his magic back before morning.

magic elf dust_2 magic elf dust_2

i was actually pretty upset that phoenix and tyler weren't able to follow the rules for our elf and nearly ruined it for everyone. thankfully, with the help of my oldest daughter mackenzie, we came up with this clever way to continue the fun for us all.

have you ever had an experience where your child has touched your elf on the shelf? how did you handle it?

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