Sunday, December 9, 2012

visiting santa

 Santa photo 2012. Wish Ryan and Jacob were here to be in the pic. although I doubt they would have wanted to sit with Santa. Mackenzie wasn't thrilled about it either, hence the reason for the ripped jeans. I suspect she thought she would get out of it. #

we have stayed on top of our advent calendar this year and friday was our trip to visit santa. of course, as we got ready to go, i realized that my kids had nothing cute to wear, so we had to make a quick stop at target for something. then, we were off to the mall, that we never go to except specifically at this time of year, to see santa.

as always, elijah was a giant turd burger the whole way through the line. the boy has no patience what so ever. he rolled on the floor, kept touching people and their stuff, screamed because he wanted to ride the train that kept passing by, and just overall was a pain in the ass.

but when it was finally our turn, he couldn't have put on the charm any better. the kid knows not to act up in front of santa. he basically carried on a full conversation with him that no one but elijah could understand. and when he was done and we bought our overpriced $20 photo, he went back to acting his rotten self.

originally, mackenzie wasn't going to be in the photo. it was just supposed to be a photo with the littlest ones. ryan and jacob weren't with us and mackenzie has proclaimed that she is past the age of lap sits with santa. she wasn't even dressed to sit with him, but santa called her over. we couldn't very well say, "sorry santa, we don't want her in the photo"! you just don't argue with santa!

but overall, i was happy with the photo and we knocked out another day on our advent calendar.

Santa! #tylerashlynn #sixcherriesHe just couldn't be any more of a pain in the ass tonight! Santa needs to know this! #elijahgabriel #sixcherries

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