Tuesday, January 29, 2013

10 things on tuesday (including the borax winners!)

1. it snowed again this past friday. actually, it wasn't even snow, more like ice. an inch of ice everywhere. nc winters are really ridiculous!

2. i have been extremely tired lately. like, so tired that i slept almost all day saturday and sunday, which is not like me at all. then last night, i fell asleep on the couch and slept so hard i was dreaming. i have been known to fall asleep on the couch quite often, but to actually dream, no way! and, i really don't know why i would be so tired either.

3. i am trying to do a low-carb. diet, which is actually pretty easy, except that i am now starting to realize why i have gained so much weight... every damn thing i was eating is some form of pasta, bread, or rice. the meal below was a low-carb recipe from emeals.

My low carb @Emeals dinner. Used to be on their portion control plan but just switched to the low carb plan and am loving it. #emeals #dinner #foodporn #lowcarb

4. on his way to work this morning, jason had a tire blowout! i am so glad he is okay, but i am even more glad it was him and not me. one of my biggest fears while driving is a blowout. not to mention, i have never changed a tire in my life.

5. the new vine app... yeah, i'm there! (@sixcherries) but honestly, i'm not that into it.

6. those christmas boxes that were still in my living room last week... still there!

7. did i mention jason joined the national guard? he left the marines in 2008, but decided he wanted to finish out his military career and retire. he still works for directv as well, but doesn't have many more years before he can retire from the military. what will he be doing? he will be in the CBRN defense unit.

Sgt. Moore reporting for Daddy duty. #mrmaraschino

8. do you love my new look? this is only about the 20th time i have changed it in the last few months. let's hope i keep this look for awhile, right?

9. some blogs i have really been enjoying lately are flavorpink, pillow thought, and breanna rose. you should definitely check them out, if you don't already!

10. the winners of the 20 mule team borax giveaway are: cori w., rachel g., and debbie w. winners should be on the lookout for an email from me. thanks to everyone who entered!

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