Tuesday, January 22, 2013

10 things on tuesday

1. is it spring yet? holy cow, i am going insane being cooped up in the house. i even started taking vitamin D to help with any sort of cabin fever i might be developing.

2. i want to win the feather 4 arrow giveaway at brock paper scissors. tweet daily. ends: 1/29 AND, i want to win the erin condren planner giveaway at sunny with a chance of sprinkles too! tweet, facebook, and comment daily. ends: 1/28.

3. i started watching the show girls and i love it! loooove it! each episode is only 30 minutes, and i finished the entire first season in one day. now, i kinda wish i had jumped on board a little bit later on, only because now i am all caught up and i am dying for more. do you watch?


4. i am currently reading the book the happiness project. i literally just started. have you read it?

5. i still have my christmas boxes sitting in my living room. everything is packed up in the boxes, but we have yet to put the boxes in storage.

6. i haven't opened any of my christmas gifts yet either. they are unwrapped, just not out of the box. i got a kitchenaid mixer, zoku popsicle maker, a popcorn maker, a fondu kit, and a sodastream, and none of them are open yet.

7. i own a top of the line washer and dryer, but i considered taking my laundry to the laundromat this weekend. something about putting all the laundry in 5 washers at once and drying it all at once is very appealing.

8. do you ever go through a phase where you eat the same food over and over? right now, i can't get enough grapefruit. i hadn't eaten one in over a year and then suddenly, i had one and i haven't been able to stop.

9. i can't wait to finally meet gabriel this thursday! it's about time!

10. tyler was referred to a heart specialist for a heart murmur last thursday. i have tried to be positive about it but the dr. was very concerned because the murmur was in an atypical location. i am sure she is okay, but please pray for my baby girl.

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