Monday, January 14, 2013

15 post ideas for blogger's block

i have noticed quite a few people say that they have been in a writing slump since the start of the new year. even some of my favorite blogs haven't really been posting on their regular schedule, probably due to this same reason. once fall and christmas are over, that lull between january 1st and early spring give many a case of blogger's block. quite honestly, i dislike this time of year. not just for blogging, but in every aspect of my life. spring can't come fast enough.

some people feel that they don't like to blog just for the sake of having a post, but here is a list of 15 post ideas that may help you break through that blogger's block or may even help get a new series started on your blog.

1. your favorite pins on pinterest: if you are a blogger, the chances are great that you have a pinterest board. why not share some of your latest finds. valentine's day is coming up, why not share some of your favorite valentine's day related pins?

2. your favorite things: perhaps you have a collection of items that you have grown to love...a pair of shoes, a brand of make up, a type of soap, a new candy, whatever! tell your readers all about them and they just might find something new to love too.

3. your week/weekend in phone photos: you can't go wrong with photos. we all love them. i personally take a lot more photos with my iphone, which means i have new things to share that i don't always capture with my canon.

4. what's in my bag: some people may view this idea as a one time post, but not me. if you are a woman, then i am pretty sure you have more than one bag. and if you are a mother, you have several. share with us what you carry in your purse, diaper bag, make up bag, gym bag, or camera bag. YES, we are all interested!

5. a day in the life: this is one where you can grab some of your friends to join in. share a day in your life this week, and then a IRL friend another week, a blog friend another, a working mommy another, a stay at home mom another, and so on. i personally love to read about the diversity of others.

6. a recipe: we all cook, and we all have recipes whether we have them written down or just in our head. i don't know of a single person that only relies on prepackaged foods to feed themselves on a daily basis, so share those recipes!

7. link love: this is a great way to share the links to all your wonderful internet finds, whether it be a new blog, a sewing pattern, a great font, a recipe... the links are endless.

8. 10 things about me: we always like to get to know the people behind the blog. share a few things every now and then. you may find that other's have some of your same likes, dislikes, habits, or even similar stories.

9. a list of your favorite websites, blogs, or iphone apps: we are all looking for the latest and greatest.

10. favorite handmade finds: i love handmade and so do A LOT of other people. share what you have found lately. a great place to look is on etsy.

11. "currently": i don't know who started this, but the first place i saw it was over at sometimes sweet.

12. a product review: we are a society of consumers. we are always buying "stuff". pick something you have purchased recently and tell your readers all about it, why you like it (or dislike it), and where we can buy one too.

13. recommend a book, a movie, or album: everyone does one of the three...either you love to read, watch movies, or listen to music.

14. create an outfit with polyvore: inspire yourself and others by creating an outfit and sharing with your readers.

15. join a link party: there are probably hundreds of link parties on a daily basis. a few that i love -
the paper mama photo challenge, wordless wednesday with in the moment with, coffee talk with 23seventeeen

all of these are great ideas that can be turned into a quality post. i hope they come in handy next time you find yourself struggling to put together a post during a block.

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