Monday, January 28, 2013

joie de vivre: joy of living via iphone

We are probably going to have to fire the cleaning lady. Oh wait, that's me! I guess I should get busy then.I get to hang out with Gabriel today!joyofliving#WIDN: watching Full Throttle Saloon. Am I the only one who watches this? Tagged by @barefootedmama. I tag @chelseabeeswax @flavorpink @faithrphotogElijah: Mommy, I said I want "shocwate" milk!Smoothie for one.

  • i'm only human, so sometimes my house does look like this. sometimes way more than i would like. 

  • i finally got to spend a day with gabriel. he is such a good baby!

  •  elijah is pretty serious about his chocolate milk. 

  • smoothie just for me. greek yogurt, mango, berries, banana, and almond milk.  

what have you been up to?
life rearranged

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