Monday, January 7, 2013

joie de vivre: joy of living via my iphone photos

it's been nice to just sit around the house and do nothing and that is exactly what we did this past weekend. the only thing i did was make a couple grocery runs. here are a few photos of our relaxing weekend via iphone...

Lunch for Phoenix, Tyler and Elijah. I had to add more to Phoenix and Tyler's plate to fill them up but this was perfect for Elijah and he ate every bit! So did Phoenix and Tyler but they aren't picky. #sixcherries #sixcherrieselijahgabriel #phoenixalliyaI love how he wears these headphones below his ears. #sixcherries #sixcherrieselijahgabrielPuzzle time. This box came with six 24-piece Little People puzzles. On clearance for $1. Can't beat that!My low carb @Emeals dinner. Used to be on their portion control plan but just switched to the low carb plan and am loving it. #emeals #dinner #foodporn #lowcarb

1. i have been making elijah these special lunches during the week to encourage better eating...and it actually works! it even worked pretty well for phoenix and tyler this weekend, but they aren't nearly as picky as elijah is. 

2. jason got a new ipad for christmas, so his old one went to elijah along with these headphones. i love how he wears them below his ears. 

3. puzzle time. i picked up this fisher price little people box of six 24-piece puzzles for $1 on clearance at our grocery store. not the typical place i buy items of this sort, but when you see a price like that, you get it! he loves putting these together all by himself. 

4. my emeals low carb turkey wrap dinner. delicious!

how was your weekend?

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