Wednesday, January 16, 2013

my trip to the ER


i have been in pain since saturday but finally broke down and took a trip to the ER last night. i honestly had no idea what it was and was a little reluctant to make the trip. nothing like going to the ER and having them tell you, you just need to go home, take a laxative, and poop. ha! that's never happened to me, but i am sure it has happened to someone. i would be pretty upset about a diagnosis like that after paying a $125 copay. i had blood work done and a CT scan for a blood clot in my left lung. did you know that the mirena IUD puts you at a higher risk for this type of thing? I'm actually okay and will be on meds for a bit.

but hey, speaking of CT scans...UGH! have you ever had one? i personally disliked every second of it. if you have never had one or had someone tell you about it, they basically put you on a bed, flat on your back, pump this fluid into your body through an IV, and roll you through a giant donut and make you hold your breath. the worst part is the stuff they put in the IV. it makes your whole body feel hot, then you feel like you are going to pee all over yourself. and then, for me, i got very nauseous and dizzy, then very shaky and cold. of course, not feeling like myself gives me a little bit of anxiety, which turned into a headache, so...not fun!

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