Wednesday, January 23, 2013

pre-k this fall...maybe?

Putting puzzles together and feeling just as bummed as I am about all this cold weather. We can't wait for spring and summer!

lately, i have been feeling guilty about how little this guy and i get out of the house and do things. i spend time with him at home, and he is so smart, but he doesn't get the opportunity to utilize all of the talents he has up there in his little brain like i want him to have. 

today, i called the elementary school that has a pre-k program that elijah would be able to attend in the fall, if we qualify. he is so interested in learning and being read to, but one thing i believe he is behind in is writing. he just isn't that into it and we don't really provide the opportunities like we should (shame on me!) sure, he colors, but that isn't the same. i hate the idea that qualifying means we fit into some kind of low income criteria, but at the same time i hope we do for his sake. 

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