Tuesday, February 12, 2013

10 things on tuesday

1. the walking dead was back this sunday. thank goodness! once the season ends, i will be looking forward to the new season of true blood. i really like how that works out

2. i have been mighty jealous of my florida and hawaii blog friends lately. all the photos i keep seeing on IG of the fun and sun. i need it to be spring before i lose my mind!
3. i weigh the most i have ever weighed in my life right now and it makes me sick. i started back on weight watchers again and i hope i can drop a few pounds and get back to running when the spring gets here. i had a lot of success with weight watchers before, but i absolutely hate counting points. we'll see how this goes!

4. i have an appointment with my GYN this thursday to discuss my mirena IUD. i have had it for almost 4 years, but lately i have been having more and more mood swings and bouts of depression, which is why i scheduled it. my thoughts are that maybe all the moodiness has to do with the mirena and perhaps even the reason i am having such a hard time losing weight.

5. we finally put our christmas boxes in storage. 'bout time!

the 5 senses:

6. smell - purex baby. i am seriously loving this detergent. it smells so good on my kids' clothes and it makes them so soft. i have 3 coupons for a free bottle i will give away to the first 3 people who go and like purex on facebook and twitter and then come back and leave a comment on this post.

7. taste - chai tea. i have been a little turned off by coffee lately, so i started drinking more tea instead.

8. see - does anyone else feel as overwhelmed by netflix as i do? i turn it on and start looking and just can't decide. especially when it comes to all the tv shows. there are so many on there i want to watch, but i obviously can't watch them all at one time. right now, i am slowly working my way through all of the seasons of supernatural.

9. touch - laundry, laundry, laundry. it never ends. we had a mountain of laundry that took me a week to get done and i finally got caught up.

10. hear - swedish house mafia: don't you worry child. love this song, but sadly the radio stations are determined to make sure it hits the list of "top overplayed songs", because it is always on.

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