Tuesday, February 5, 2013

february goals

if you were around last month you will remember that i wanted to start setting small obtainable goals for myself each month in an effort to make a few changes in my life in regards to the resolutions i made for the year.

here were my goals i made for january:
  • read 2 books
  • workout (at least) 10 times
  • drink 32 oz. (or more) of water a day
  • try one new thing...anything!
  • get a pedicure 

so how did i do? well...

i did read two books. i read 1, 2, 3 magic and the happiness project. both were great books that i recommend. hopefully i will get a chance to do a mini review of each one in the near future.

i did NOT workout 10 times. in fact, i didn't workout one single time. i have been a little down in the dumps lately and just couldn't get myself motivated to do it. that's terrible, i know! i feel like the winter drains every bit of happiness out of me!

drinking any kind of liquid is hard for me, but i will admit that i have drank a lot more water than i have before. i stopped buying energy drinks and only drink a diet dr. pepper every now and then. for the most part, i drink water, black coffee, and unsweetened tea.

the one new thing i wanted to try was to play an xbox game but sadly i didn't do it. i don't mean an xbox kinect game, but an actual game. i did play halo with all the kids on new years but that was before i made this goal, so i don't count it.

and no, i did not go out and get a pedicure. i have such a hard time committing to something for myself so i am sure i subconsciously did it on purpose.

DSC_0724 copy

february goals:
  • read 2 books
  • workout 4 times
  • try one new thing
  • do something with each of my children, one on one
  • get a pedicure and a hair cut

i was able to keep my goal of 2 books so i decided to keep that one up again this month. i love being able to check out books from my library through my kindle and ipad.

i lowered the number of workouts to 4, making that only one workout a week. hopefully, i can find some inspiration to get moving.

i may try to combine my one new thing with my hair cut and go for a cut i wouldn't normally choose for myself. i think that stepping out of my comfort zone may be just what i need right now in my life. maybe i will even get a funky polish color for my toes as well.

i will be honest and say that i don't do a whole lot of one on one time with my kids. most often it's because i feel guilty that i am giving to one and not another. but, i have been told by my children's doctors and therapists that it would be good for them.

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