Monday, February 4, 2013

joie de vivre: joy of living via iphone

Elijah. It took us awhile but he did it! I am really trying to start practicing his writing more. He is SO not interested. What do you do to make it fun? Me: "That was fun! Let's do it again!" Elijah: "Nah! Maybe later!"@jonahbonah yay! I got it! I had no idea it was on the way! What a wonderful surprise! Thanks for the extra little gift too! joyoflivingWhile we wait! #sixcherrieselijahgabriel #sixcherriesAll 4 are mine and from today. Apparently I'm indecisive! Unsweetened Bojangles tea, Diet Dr. Pepper, water, and Chai tea.I already posted this photo recently but I love it so much I had to post it again. Let's just call it a #tbt. #sixcherries #sixcherrieselijahgabrielYes, please!Riding.Goodwill find today. $5. My Mom loves antique furniture and refurbishes old chairs like this in her spare time. Her boyfriend told me this chair is about 100 years old. So glad I was able to find this for her. I know she is going to love it!These two have been getting along pretty well lately... and I'm sure I just jinxed myself. #sixcherries #tylerashlynn #phoenixalliyahFor my little Valentines! #cookies for my #sixcherries & #mrmaraschinoThe Super Bowl just isn't their thing! #sixcherries #sixcherrieselijahgabriel #tylerashlynn #phoenixalliyah

a few things lately: elijah wrote his name all by himself // custom order (more like a favor) of golden girls cross stitch from melissa plus one of her awesome zippered pouches // elijah in the toy section while we get a new tire // i'm a little indecisive... bojangles unsweet tea, chai tea, water, and diet dr. pepper // one of my favorite photos of elijah lately // more dr. pepper // riding... // antique chair i found at goodwill for $5. my mom is going to fix it right up! // phoenix and tyler getting along (it's like spotting a rare breed) // valentine's cookies for my little love bugs // super bowl fun with my crew who are not very interested.

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