Monday, February 11, 2013

joie de vivre: joy of living via iphone

I love my new kitchen/coffee cart I got from a great little family owned yard sale/thrift store in my area. It's huge, solid wood with metal framed bottom, on wheels, in perfect condition, and was only $45.WTF?joyoflivingI haven't posted one of Elijah's lunches lately. This one wasn't too creative but he still loved it and ate it all. Heart shaped PB sandwich (PB only because we don't do jelly very often). Heart shaped cheese, carrots and olives. There are also blueberrie@mandapanda00 @rick633 forgot about this pic I took of Gracie when I was there a couple weeks ago!My hair was down to my booty 4 hours ago!I'm pretty excited about this 
cookbook!This is fun! #inmysacrcasticvoice #mrmaraschinoFresh. #juicing #carrot #redapple #gingerChai tea and me.Drill weekend.Evening smoothie. I was wanting something sweet. Coconut water, coconut milk, greek yogurt, frozen bananas, frozen pineapple, small piece of lime and ginger. Blend. So good and creamy.Watching Brother Bear with my Loves.Yum. To make: Juice 4 oranges, 1 lime, and a 1 in. piece of ginger in a juicer, and add to blender. Then add, 1 whole banana and 1 cup frozen strawberries and blend (I would have added spinach too but I didn't have any). En-joy!"Sexit"

a few things last week: my new kitchen/coffee cart i got at a thrift shop near my home for $45. perfect condition. i am in love with it! // they say you dream even when you don't remember them... well, i definitely remembered that one! // elijah's lunch plate. heart PB sandwich (no jelly! we don't really do jelly very often), heart cheddar cheese, carrots and black olives, blackberries and blueberries, and plain yogurt with agave on top for dipping the fruit. // princess gracie // muh new hairs! cut and highlights. my hair was down to my booty and i chopped it all off. it feels so much better! // true blood cookbook. this book is amazing! it has a TON of recipes. AND, i see there is a second book coming out in june. pre-order now! // i love him, and he works hard! he deserves to sit up all night and play call of duty black ops 2... even if it bores me to death. // fresh juice // chai tea with a splash of torani caramel. I LOVE THIS STUFF! // dropping the mister off for drill weekend. night vision drivers training this weekend! // smoothie for one... me! // missing the hubs and watching brother bear with my littles. // i started weight watchers, A-gain... and this is the best smoothie i have ever made. // ended the weekend with my new favorite show GIRLS. woo hoo!

what did you do last week?

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