Tuesday, February 12, 2013

remembering my grandmother with influenster

 Palmolive Infusions dish soaps. I love the lime basil scent! Thanks @influenster! #influenster #palmolive #voxbox

there's something about getting my hands down into a sink full of soapy water that reminds me of my grandma. as a child, when i would stay with my dad, he and i would always go up to my grandparent's house for breakfast... eggs, grits, bacon, and even those little pecan rolls. my grandparent's lived in an old house that had no dishwasher, so after breakfast, i would always help my grandma wash the dishes. she had a plastic tub in the sink that she filled with hot water and dish liquid every time to wash her dishes. i still remember helping her wash the dishes and then sitting them on the dish towels, she had laid out next to the sink, to dry.

my grandmother passed away 10 years ago this year, and for some reason i thought of her when i received my latest voxbox from influenster. i received 3 full size bottles of the new palmolive fresh infusions dish liquid in lemon thyme, lime basil, and ginger white tea, and they smell awesome. my favorite is definitely the lime basil, but i honestly love them all.

the new palmolive natural infusions scents were naturally inspired. i have a selection of dishes that i only wash by hand and palmolive definitely got me through the entire sink full of dishes, cutting the grease, and getting them sparkling clean.

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