Wednesday, February 27, 2013

the plague

Cough drops, NyQuil, couch, and movies. ALL. DAY. moved in silently and took us over like helpless hostages. it started with phoenix a couple weeks ago. she stayed home from school, something she NEVER does. the child would rather have her fingers bit off by a rabid dog than miss school, but she came to me that morning not feeling well and wanting to stay home. then, it moved on to mackenzie and she stayed sick an entire 3-day weekend and stayed out of school 2 days after that. every time i looked up she was practically showering me with her coughs and i just knew i would be next.

and that is exactly what happened! 

i was able to rewatch all the seasons of the walking dead and a long list of movies during the last couple of weeks. i honestly had no energy to do anything else. i had just gotten my laundry caught up, but now it's backed up again. dammit!

today is the first day in two weeks i have been online or even thought about coming here to my blog. i am not fully recovered, but i am enough to finally have a little pep in my step and a slight smile on my face. a cold like this will definitely make you grateful for even the crappiest of cold winter days. i had been wishing for spring, but now i just wish i could stop coughing. i seriously spend well over $50+ on nyquil, mucinex pills, mucinex liquid, 2 bags of halls cough drops, a bag of halls vitamin c drops, and a box of cold-eeze zinc drops.

this has been the worst sickness i have had in years.

hope you all are doing well!

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