Monday, February 4, 2013

tv talk: 14 romantic movies


the kind of valentine's movie for me... romantic comedy, which is why i love all of these movies so much (not stupid funny, those are lame). some of them are super popular big screen hits, so it shouldn't be too hard to find any of them, if you haven't already seen them before now.

i love making these little lists of my favorite movies for different holidays because it is great to have them available when i am celebrating holidays throughout the year. i love mixing traditions with new ideas. we are a big movie family (although most of my kids would say i don't actually pay attention to the tv while it is on), and we love saving certain movies for specific holidays. some of these are new, but we like these movies and love to watch them every year during this time.

pretty in pinkdream a little dreamcant buy me love

  1. pretty in pink
  2. say anything
  3. the proposal
  4. some kind of wonderful
  5. how to lose a guy in 10 days
  6. crazy, stupid, love
  7. p.s. i love you
  8. valnetine's day
  9. notting hill
  10. sweet home alabama
  11. sleepless in seattle
  12. dream a little dream
  13. the notebook
  14. can't buy me love

as you can see, i am a big fan of 80's cheese! all of these movies can be found on imdb for more info. and i strongly suggest you check out the soundtracks to these films as well. we can never forget this famous song from say anything

what are some of your favorite romantic movies for valentine's day?

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