Monday, March 25, 2013

a fresh start (an extremely wordy post)


being sick has given me a lot of time to reflect about this ol' blog here. in between all that has been going on, i thought about all the things i hated most about this blog and blogging in general. don't get me wrong, i LOVE blogging, but there were just some things that, when i sat down, in the back of my mind, i would dread each time. then, once i had those things in mind, i decided that the best way to deal with them, is to NOT deal with them. that meant that i needed to make some changes.

as WE ALL know, google reader is going away, which means that little follower box that tells you so many people followed you yesterday and so many people stopped following you today, will go away. honestly, thank goodness! that little box of faces and numbers can be such a stress factor sometimes.

yesterday: "oh wow, 5 new followers today! it must have been that magnificent DIY i did on how to construct a 10 story, earthquake proof, building out of target dollar section materials."


tomorrow: " 3 new followers! BOO-YAH! GFC must have been broken yesterday!"

the blogging world is such a fabulous place, but i have been witness to some pretty malicious acts in the years that i have been a blogger. some people can be so cruel and so judgey! sometimes i feel like i am part of a competition i didn't sign up for. 

outside of the blog world, who cares? probably no one!

ME to my IRL friends and family: "first i made that yummy mashed potatoes recipe i saw on the pioneer woman's blog, then i handcrafted this mechanical pony ride out of items i found laying around the house, for the kids at the next birthday party. and omg, you will never guess who's pregnant? julie! you know, julie over at julie's joy blog! AND, i really want to go to blissdom next year!"

my IRL friends and family: "oh wow, yeah, super, awesome!" (lots of eye rolls)

my IRL friends and family (behind my back): this tastes just like any other mashed potatoes recipe and we all know she bought that stupid pony online at etsy because that's all she talks about! what is blissdom, and WHO THE HECK is julie? joni has been acting a little weird lately. she tried to drown herself in her bathtub the other day."

okay, so back to those changes...

if you want to still follow along, you can follow me over on bloglovin'.

i will no longer be doing sponsor swaps either. the sponsors i DO have will either be paid sponsors or blogs and companies that i truly love and recommend. i just don't have time to support a bunch of people who i really don't know a lot about. i honestly couldn't be helping you out that much if i don't really know a whole lot about you, your blog, or your business... and sometimes, i just don't have the time to get to know you either.

the content won't really change around here, but i will be blogging more about the things i love and this space will be more of a reflection of me. i pretty much already do that, but there are a lot of times that fear has held me back. a fear that i will piss someone off, that my ideas are not interesting, that what i will say is not important. I have come to realize that it is important. it is important to the only person that matters... ME!

i am a lover of many things, but at the same time, my love for things changes frequently and they may not always be what is in style right now. i may be light years from catching on to trends, but i just don't care what other people think anymore. i don't say that to be crass, i just don't want to hide behind any of that anymore. an old friend of mine, jennifer, over at stretch out and wait (formerly the writer behind nom nom vegan noms) says it best about how life can take you in so many different directions and how our love for things can be so different from day to day, based on what direction our lives take us. that simple post she wrote was quite profound to me and reading it kind of gave me a sense of okay to just be who i am, regardless of what that is and what other's may think. if it's what i love and want to share, then just be ready. be ready for the 500th time you have read about my DIY, my take on a recipe, or my penny pinching ways to save money.

some things you will still see include lots of pictures of my children, my weight loss journey (that i constantly am failing at), sponsored posts, and product reviews. i would like to include more of who i am as a person as well and many of my personal interests.

this has kind of been all over the place, and i seriously could go on and even tell you more. like, about how we are NOT vegan, we don't make everything from scratch, and we even eat out at fast food restaurants sometimes. we don't handcraft our clothes, our home decor, or much else for that matter. we probably watch way too much tv, listen to all kinds of music including justin beiber, and probably say and do things that will shock you! but, i do know one thing... we are good people, great parents, and happy with how we live our life. 

i would love to share that with you! enjoy these changes! hope to see you around!

My hair was down to my booty 4 hours ago!Is this kid handsome or what? @ryanmoore99 #sixcherries #sixcherriesrrmoore

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