Thursday, March 21, 2013

oh, hello!

whoa! i feel like a new blogger starting out in the blogging world again. it's been so long. we have, no shit, been sick this entire time i have been gone. nothing serious, i promise, just a cold. a very long cold that went away, only to make room for a new cold. if you own stock in purell and bath & body works hand sanitizers, then you should have seen a rise in the last month because i pretty much spend my whole day bathing in it.

this is how my day goes...

me: "cough, cough!"
me: "snort, snort." (then proceeds to blow nose)
me: applies sanitizer
kids: "cough, cough!"
me: "cover your mouth when you cough!"
kids: "cough, cough!"
me: "cough in your elbow! COUGH IN YOUR ELBOW!"
me: "go wash your hands!"
kids: "i just did!"
me: "do it again!"
me: "now come get some sanitizer!"

yep, that's been my day for weeks now!

i am giving myself a break for the rest of the week and then i plan to get back into the swing of things next week. i will say now that there will be a few changes going on around here as well. stop back by next week to hear all about it!

for now, enjoy these sick pics from the couch...

Just laying here, dying and all. This cold is kicking my butt. Tell me your home remedies for coughing, sore throat, and nasal and chest congestion.Just watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower.The last month has been a roller coaster 
for us. We have gotten so much accomplished and have been grateful to 
have the means to get a new car and new furniture, but at the same time,
 we have been so sick. I was getting over my 3 week cold only to wake 

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