Tuesday, April 23, 2013

10 things on tuesday

1. as of this morning i have lost 19 lbs. and i am so pumped about it! i has been a long hard couple of months but totally worth it now!

2. now that the walking dead has ended for the season, i haven't really watched too much tv. i have been watching the client list (currently in it's second season) and the new show bates motel.

two new shows

3. i am in love with this amazing piece that crystal over at flavor pink painted for me. she is so amazingly talented!


4. it finally warmed up enough around here for me to take photos of my BFF amanda and her little family recently. it's back to cold again right now. *thumbs down!


5. i jumped back into couponing again. i was going strong a couple years ago but i got burned out because i was trying to go to every store in town to use my coupons. i am sticking to one store this time... CVS!

6. i just did our spring and summer bucket list for this year and am so excited to share it with you later this week.

7. have you ever been over to flylady? i am using some of the methods learned there and my house has never been so clean lately. a clean house puts me in the best mood!

8. this video had elijah laughing so hard, that i was laughing so hard, and i nearly peed my pants.

9. there are so many movies coming soon, between now and august, that i am anxious to see! it is going to be a great summer for movies for sure!

10. i started my container garden for the year and i just hope this cold weather doesn't kill my plants. this year we have tomatoes, serrano peppers, jalapeno peppers, cayenne peppers, cilantro, and basil. if i grew some onions we would have all we needed for salsa!

And 3 kinda of hot peppers including these two: Serrano and Cayenne. There's also JalapeƱos in another pot. #containergarden #gardenWe've got cilantro this year! My favorite! #containergarden #gardenThis little $3 attachment for our hose makes it so easy to water my container garden. I turned it on yesterday and the kids actually thought it was raining outside.

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