Friday, April 26, 2013

fat butt friday | push ups & sit ups

one thing i have realized, but kind of already known at the same time, is that just because you are thin or even losing weight, does not mean you are strong. you can be thin as a rail and not be able to run further than your mailbox or even do more than a few push ups. i have been on both ends of the spectrum. last year, i ran 4 miles for the first time ever.  i am not thin, in fact, doctors would consider me overweight. but, the point is, i have never been able to run even one mile since the last time i did in high school.

jason was super fit when he was in the marines, but he got a bit out of shape the 4 years between leaving the marine corp. and joining the national guard. you may or may not know, but as part of the military you must meet physical fitness requirements. recently, jason had a physical fitness test and he didn't do as well as he would have liked so we both decided to work together to improve ourselves.

i personally have NO upper body strength. i can't do a regular push up, nor can i do a regular (hands behind the head) sit up. i have never had any upper body strength. i remember having to do pull ups in high school and not being able to do any... NOT ONE! i remember taking gymnastics and being able to do all the floor exercises, but anything on the bars, you could forget it! i just didn't ever have the strength.

every morning and night jason and i come together and do several sets of sit ups, push ups, and a few other things to improve our upper body and core strength. working together has been such a great thing because it holds us both accountable and i look forward to spending that little bit of time with jason each day. i also look forward to a day when i can do 20 push ups or 50 sit ups with ease. it's all been so motivating.

i know that just doing these few things aren't going to turn me into wonder woman and it takes more than these few moves to build all over body strength and to help me lose weight, but it is important to me. find yourself a partner and get it done!

do you have a partner to workout with? how has that helped you stay accountable for staying fit?

weight loss update: 19 lbs. lost

My white legs and I are headed out for some vitamin D and exercise. I probably should wait a few more days since I just got over my cold, but its not gonna stop me! New shoes too! Adidas Energy Boost! #fitness #fat2fitwithjoni #adidas #running #runningsho

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