Tuesday, April 16, 2013

make your own: dishwasher soap


after making my own homemade laundry soap, i got the idea that it wasn't so hard to make my own soap for the dishes i put in my dishwasher. after doing a little bit of research online, i put together my own batch of dishwasher soap. even with the kids in school, i wash at least 3 loads of dishes a day and those tabs can get pretty expensive. even the loose powder in a box, even though it is cheaper, never lasts very long around here, and i feel like i am always buying something.

the materials i purchased to make this dishwasher soap cost around $20, including the 1 gallon jar i use to store it. so far, i have washed many loads of dishes and have had no problems with it. my dishes come out clean and with no stuck on food, and i have not noticed any residue. i will also add that i DO NOT use a rinse agent in my dishwasher. i have never really bought into the idea of that stuff!


homemade dishwasher soap

  • 1 (4 lb. 12 oz.) box of borax (laundry aisle)
  • 1 (3 lb. 7 oz.) box of arm & hammer super washing soda (laundry aisle)
  • 1 container of powdered lemi shine (dishwashing aisle)
  • 3 cups of epsom salt (health & beauty section)
  • large bucket for mixing
  • large container for storing
  • 1/2 tablespoon measuring scoop


simple... mix all ingredients well in a large bucket and then pour into a container with a lid to store. keep this stored in a cool, dry place.

when washing your dishes, i recommend 1-2 scoops of the homemade dishwasher soap.

this batch made a little more than a gallon of soap. why not pour the rest of it into a cute little container and give it to a family member, friend, or neighbor as a gift!

 as always use this product at your own risk!


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