Wednesday, April 24, 2013

my 2013 spring & summer bucket list

although it hardly feels like spring around here, we have already started thinking about the things we want to do this spring and summer as a family. i always love coming up with this list of ideas because i just love lists and i love being able to cross off each one after we have done it... a visual of all we have accomplished.

if you decide to create a bucket list, be sure to leave a link in the comments. i would love to see what you have in store! you just may give me some extra ideas to add to my list.

i have provided links to many of the activities, including places in our area. perhaps you live nearby or maybe they will inspire you to find similar activities in your area. 

1. visit the NC state arboretum
2. create melted crayon artwork
3. rides and the playground at pullen park
4. shop at the farmer's market
5. plant a container garden
6. visit the NC museum of history
7. visit the NC museum of natural science
8. spend a day at neuse river
9. have a color scavenger hunt at umstead park
10. make homemade lemonade
11. visit the NC museum of life & science
12. purchase 2 year passes to the NC zoo & take pictures of our favorite animals
13. pick fruit at vollmer farm
14. feed the ducks at shelly lake
15. have a paint war
16. go geocaching often
17. pool days at optimist
18. take elijah to the beach for the first time
19. paint the living room & dining room
20. cook s'mores on the fire pit
21. have a BBQ with friends in the backyard
22. make homemade popsicles in the zoku
23. puddle jumping in the rain
24. make sidewalk paint
25. make peanut butter birdfeeders
26. buy a picnic table
27. popcorn & a movie marathon: lord of the rings, star wars, harry potter
28. sand & paint my desk chair and redo the cushion
29. enjoy an outdoor sheet tent
30. master the art of couponing
31. read 2 books a month
32. stay focused on my health and weight loss

Thanks for this nice day mother nature. Get yourself together and don't piss me off with a cold day tomorrow.

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