Wednesday, April 17, 2013

pollen season with claritin


we thought we had made it through winter cold season unscathed, until january got here and the first of us got a cold. i clearly remember it was phoenix. she felt bad, stayed out of school (which she never does), and ended up with a cough that lasted for weeks after that.

then, mackenzie got sick, and every single time she coughed, i am certain she made sure i was within a few feet so she could cough right in my direction. i just knew i would be next!

of course... i was! and just a couple days after that, so was elijah. elijah developed his very first ear infection along with his, and both of our colds lasted FOREVER!

right at the tail end of my cold, mackenzie got another cold and by then i felt like i was loosing my mind. finally, when i was just a few days away from what i KNEW was the last of my cold, i suddenly took a u-turn back in the opposite direction. i was coughing, mackenzie was coughing, and suddenly elijah was coughing again too. we had been sick for nearly a month.

at a routine check up, mackenzie's doctor mentioned that colds don't typically last that long and asked whether we had considered allergies. honestly, it didn't even cross my mind. i just thought it was a bad cold year for us. but coincidentally, i was offered an opportunity to try out children's claritin, so i jumped all over it.


elijah started coughing easter weekend and i was about to break down and cry i was so tired of all the sickness. we even canceled our plans to see my dad and sister on easter since we weren't sure if what he had was contagious. monday, the children's claritin arrived and i popped one of the little purple pills out and gave it to elijah. literally, by the next morning, his cough had subsided and he was already acting like himself. i gave it to him a couple more days and he was better. at first i just considered that maybe it was coincidental and that maybe he was just at the tail end of a short cold, so i wasn't convinced yet.

does claritin really work?

a couple weeks later the pollen started. the pollen this year is atrocious! it hasn't rained nearly enough so it has been everywhere. as soon as the pollen started falling, i noticed that elijah began coughing again one morning so i started giving him the children's claritin again. i have been giving it to him every morning for a couple weeks now and he has yet to show any signs or symptoms of a cold or that the pollen is even bothering him. i'd say it works! nothing is worse than watching your child be miserable, and having no control over it. children's claritin has been a life saver for my little guy.

children's claritin comes in a chewable form, as well as a liquid version. it's non-drowsy formula won't make children, especially older children who attend school, feel tired and sluggish throughout their day. elijah prefers the chewable kind, but probably just because it is different than the tons of other liquid medicines he has been taking. he calls them his "chewies" and even at 3 he has no problem taking them, since they dissolve easily on his tongue. they both have a great flavor that he loves.

i am sold on the claritin and plan to keep it in our medicine cabinet as a permanent part of our seasonal cold remedy for my whole family!

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