Thursday, May 2, 2013

elijah iphone photo dump & ramblings about my last baby

we have been patiently waiting for spring to stick around for more than a day, and every day elijah talks to me about how much he wants to go swimming and play in his water table. i love that his talking skills are so developed now, and i love having little conversations with him each day. he surprises me all the time with new words and phrases, and one of my favorites recently is... "i've got your eyes on you!" in all of it's wrongness, i think it's hilarious when he says it.

this little man is so crazy and i love being his mom. he really is such an easy kid to please. overall, he has definitely been my easiest child so far. but, one thing we struggle most with are naps. he doesn't really take them unless we are on the go in the van. it's pretty much a guarantee that he is going to fall asleep if we go for a ride. and most of the time, he will hold off until right before it's time to get out. go figure, huh? that means, we either hang out in the van until he gets a nap in, or wake him up and deal with cranky baby status. BUT, he can almost always sense when we are home because as soon as we pull in the driveway, those eyes pop open. there is no carrying sleepy baby inside to finish out his nap.

however, i sometimes forget he is almost 4 and pretty much at an age where all kids begin to outgrow naps and officially receive their "big kid" title. it's so hard to believe he will be in kindergarten for the 2014-2015 school year. i think i have a little bit of denial, simply because i know he is my last child. i love babies and the babies of my friends, but there is nothing like snuggling your own. i get a little sad thinking about the day he will push me away and no longer think i am THE coolest person in the world.

because i am with elijah every day throughout the week, of course, i tend to take more photos of him. so, i thought i would share all of the photos i have taken on my phone of him recently. enjoy!

Ha! Don't let that cute smile fool you! He just called me a stupid head less than 10 minutes ago. It's his new favorite thing to say and I hate it! #sixcherries #sixcherrieselijahgabrielThe only place he will nap is in his carseat.Yesterday's shirt, a backpack, Lego Batman undies, sissy's studded boots on the wrong feet, and his fire truck. AND, of course, he can't go anywhere without his green blankie. #sixcherries #sixcherrieselijahgabriel #elijahsgreenblankieMy little fruit loop! He hates pants. #sixcherries #sixcherrieselijahgabrielHe's excited to see his friend Gracie today! #sixcherries #sixcherrieselijahgabriel #elijahsgreenblankiePhoto bombed by big brother while showing mommy his silly face skills. #sixcherries #sixcherriesjdmoore #sixcherrieselijahgabriel #brothersHe will be 4 in 4 months! Gah! #sixcherries #sixcherrieselijahgabriel"I love YOU, Mommy!" #sixcherries #sixcherrieselijahgabrielThis warm weather calls for Zoku pops! #sixcherries #sixcherrieselijahgabrielFinger lickin' good!We were letting his hair grow out but it's starting to look a little crazy. #sixcherrieselijahgabriel #sixcherriesWe're cuddling today. Mommy is tired and sunburned. Who would have thought the little bit of time I spent outside sanding and painting my chalkboard yesterday, would have resulted in such a terrible sunburn. The backs of my hands and fingers and burned. And then this happened, right in my arms. #sixcherries #sixcherrieselijahgabriel #elijahsgreenblankieHe never naps anymore so this is such a treat for me. #sixcherries #sixcherrieselijahgabriel #elijahsgreenblankieLate lunch for the little napper! #sixcherries #sixcherrieselijahgabrielFalling asleep at 7pm means he will probably wake up at 8 and be up until 1am. Well, he slept through the night despite going to bed incredibly early, but got up at 6 this morning and has been lazy ever since. It's cold outside anyway, so this looks like all we will accomplish today.Sci-fi nerd in training! #sixcherries #sixcherrieselijahgabriel #mrmaraschinoI bought this for me, but... #sixcherries #sixcherrieselijahgabriel#sixcherries #sixcherrieselijahgabriel #elijahsgreenblankieHaircut. #sixcherries #sixcherrieselijahgabriel

this boy is growing so fast. here are just a few of his favorites and some of the things he has been up to:

  • his favorite movie is wreck it ralph. he has his own little hammer that he sometimes walks around with declaring that he is fix it felix jr. 
  • his favorite show on tv is doc mcstuffins. we even bought him a doll recently that he loves. 
  • we were trying to let his hair grow out but his hair is so thick that it just wouldn't lay flat and always felt sticky because it was hot for him and made him sweat... so we cut it! (last photo)
  • he recognizes colors, shapes, numbers, and some letters. we are currently working on letter and sight word flash cards. 
  • he is still pretty picky, but his favorite foods lately are bananas, black olives, meatballs, raisins, almonds, and... *gasp* bologna and cheese sandwiches. he still won't eat any kind of pasta. 

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