Saturday, May 4, 2013

fat butt friday on saturday (once again!)

i can officially say that i have lost 20 lbs. i was literally like two tenths of a pound from 20 lbs. last week, but i think that doing this successfully, i have to be truthful about it ever step of the way. lately some days i just want to give in but then i remember how much i HATE being this big and i overcome those moments. just the other day, my dad gave me a red velvet cake topped with white icing and white chocolate chip pieces from the honey baked ham store. my absolute favorite cake, by the way! i wanted a piece of that cake so bad but i shoved it in the freezer to stop me from eating it. i told myself i would have a piece when i lost another 10 lbs. i think that is a fair deal. don't you think?

so far, my lifesaver has been sandwiches. i eat at least one a day and so far i am not sick of them. i fill them with turkey, laughing cow cheese, and tons of veggies, and just that one sandwich with something like a banana fills me full for hours. i love them!

i have smoothies for breakfast and that is working but i love nothing more than savory foods so when i drink them, i usually want something salty to eat afterwards. that's about the time i start thinking about that sandwich i eat everyday!

i am still doing push ups and sit ups every day and i am happy to announce that i can do 15 REAL push ups. i can do about 5 real sit ups (with my hands behind my head). i typically do the ones with my arms at my side to give me the extra strength to pull myself up and with those, i can do about 50 at a time. i don't actually pull myself up using my arms, but for some reason it is so much easier this way than with my hands behind my head.

i am looking forward to adding a little more cardio when the sun actually makes an appearance around here. i would love more than anything to get out there and start running again. we are going on two weeks of cloudy, rainy weather and i seriously sick of this crazy ridiculous weather we are having. i hate to complain because i know so many people all over the U.S. is experiencing this awful spring we are having in one way or another, but when you were looking forward to spring before fall even hit last year like i was, you can understand why i am so desperate for the warm weather to come. and yes, i could totally run in the cooler weather but i would prefer to get back out there on a day that is a little more motivating.

what is keeping you motivated to workout or lose weight? what recipes are on your menu of healthy foods?

4 oranges, 2 lemons, 3 limes, 2 big handfuls of spinach in the juicer. Add all that to a blender. Add to it, 2 bananas, 1 scoop protein powder, 2 cups ice and about 20 drops liquid stevia. Blend. So so good! #breakfast #smoothie 
quick  smoothie recipe that i have been loving lately:

combine all together in a juicer...

4 oranges, 2 lemons, 3 limes, 2 big handfuls of spinach

add all that to a blender. then add to it...

2 bananas, 1 scoop protein powder, 2 cups of ice, 20 drops liquid stevia

blend until smooth.  serves 3.


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