Tuesday, May 14, 2013

my new obsession with discount shopping online

i have always been an online shopper. i hate nothing more than getting out in traffic to drive to an overcrowded mall and shop for high priced items. kids grow fast, and i just can not justify overpaying for an item my kids are going to get a stain on or grow out of within a few months. recently, i kept hearing a few people talk about how much they love sites like zulily so, i gave them a shot a few months ago when i purchased a pair of look-alike toms for a deeply discounted price of $8.99. everything about these shoes resembled toms in every way except for the price.


for christmas, i purchased phoenix and tyler actual toms and tyler's already have a hole in the toe. she hasn't even worn them that much and phoenix has worn her's maybe 3 times. i cringe thinking about how quickly close to $70 went down the drain. i don't believe in having to have the actual name brand to be happy or feel like the cool kid. to me, the cool kid is the mom who can make their kids look great for next to nothing. that's why i vow to never spend full price on my kids' clothes again, and i am going to do it with online discount sites.


school hasn't even ended yet, but i am already making purchases for the next school year. one of my favorite things to buy are shoes because they are cute, so affordable, and usually the items i can't pass down from child to child because they get worn so quickly. 

what are some other discount shopping sites like zulily and totsy that you love?

not compensated to talk about these sites. i just really love them!

Tyler's shoes from @zulily came! These are Shoes of Soul, similar to Tom's. Actually the only difference i can see is that the sole is more of a rubber than a foam like Tom's. I only paid $8.99 for these.

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