Tuesday, June 4, 2013

10 things on tuesday

1. i watched the movie, people like us, yesterday and cried like a baby at the end. such a great movie! if you haven't seen it, you should!

2. right now i am playing single mom while jason is away from home doing some national guard training. he has been gone before, but for some reason, we really miss him the most this go round.

3. i have my first senior session lined up this month and i am super excited about it. i haven't used my camera nearly enough lately, so this will be good.

4. i have been so crafty lately, but sadly i don't really have any of it to share with you guys. i get so wrapped up in the actual activity that i don't even think about taking pics. so far i have painted another chalkboard, dip painted some baskets, made a polka dotted hair wrap, and animal topped canning jar lids.

5. father's day is coming up and i LOVE my dad! i have decided to find an old crate and fill it with lots of specialty foods and snacks from trader joe's and world market for my dad. he LOVES that sort of thing.

6. i have stepped up my workout game by adding in a video workout in the morning and running in the afternoon. i am feeling the best i have felt in a long time lately!

7. next week is phoenix's birthday and i have no idea what i am going to do for her yet. i am such a slacker mom. i am thinking i will bake cupcakes since i take pride in my cupcake making skills, and have a ice cream bar to go along with it. something simple.

8. two things i have been wanting terribly lately... a pool and a trampoline. my mom used to have an in ground pool at her old house and i was spoiled to that luxury. not a summer goes by that i don't think about that pool and all the fun we used to have there every summer. lately, i have really been missing it. AND, we used to have a trampoline but it got old and started to become unsafe and now i really want another one! (totally for the kids here!)

9. jason and i have discussed a serious move next year and i am already getting the itch to start the process. we have totally outgrown this house and our children need a bigger space. perhaps our new home can have a pool? that would be... AWESOME!

10. i would love to win $50 from shabby apple over at vintch. i have had the toe the line dress on my wishlist for awhile now and fell in love with the gondola dress too recently.

Such a beautiful day! #iheartNC

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