Friday, June 7, 2013

fat butt friday | my body measurements

it's been a couple of weeks since i posted about my weight loss, so i thought i would stop in this morning to give you an update. so far, i have been focusing on the pounds lost, but know that it is more than just those pounds that count. it's always so hard to take my own measurements accurately, so i finally got jason to do them for me and i was astonished at the results.

the last time i took my body measurements, was a little less than a year ago.

body measurements octobermeasurements
left: august 2012  right: june 2013

now, some of you may be thinking, "how is she claiming she has lost 30 some pounds if she was only 157 last year. well, i am here to admit it folks... i gained all the way up to 175 lbs. from summer to the beginning of 2013. i was super depressed, i was in a rut, i was unhappy with my home, and i packed on the pounds. BIG TIME! it is almost embarrassing how disgusting i had become. and even more embarrassing that i have been putting myself out there for the last couple of years with fat butt friday, and failing miserably EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

until now! 

25 lbs. gone! I am so excited about the weight I have lost in just a few short months. I would still like to lose another 30 lbs. but I feel confident I can do it!

the whole point of fat butt friday was to share my weight loss but, as i continued to fail, it became my way of encouraging myself as well as finding others who were struggling as much as i was. surprisingly, i found all of that along the way. and here i am today, with my head 100% in the game, losing weight, seeing results, and feeling great. i was so stubborn before. i actually thought i was going to lose weight while still hanging on to some of my bad habits.

you HAVE to eat healthy AND workout in order to see the results you want. i worked out EVERY DAY last year and lost maybe 5 lbs. but, i still ate all of the same foods and used the excuse that i worked out as an ok to eat the way i was eating. now, i eat clean and workout 6 days a week, and feel wonderful. I even put on a pair of shorts the other day that i wore the day i met jason.

total weight loss to date: 32 lbs.

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