Thursday, June 6, 2013

iced chai latte


with the hot days here again, i still want to enjoy my coffee and tea, but some mornings i just can't enjoy a hot cup when i am already sweating at 6 in the morning. for years i drank nothing but coffee... hot coffee, cold coffee, frozen coffee, you name it! 

last year, i really got into drinking tea. not just any tea but chai tea. oh my word, i didn't think it was possible to love anything better than coffee! but now that summer is practically here, i still want to enjoy it, even on the hottest of days. iced chai tea is no secret, but i wanted to share my personal recipe with you, a trick i've learned, and some products i love.

so, first things first... brewing your tea.

i am not up to speed on the BEST way to brew tea, however, i have found a way that is quick and simple for me, and still tastes great... I USE MY KEURIG! that's right, i actually put the tea packet in my keurig. now, some of you may say, "well, they sell chai tea in k-cups", and you are right, but i'm a frugal mama, so i save a ton of money buying the tea bags.


i usually brew two bags separately on the smallest cup size to get the strongest version of my tea, then place it in the fridge to cool. this is a great thing to do the night before so that it is ready first thing in the morning!

once your tea is cold, simply add your favoritest ingredients, pour over ice, and... boom! done! like i said, not that hard! so, here is my little "recipe" that i usually go with for a delicious cup of iced chai latte that is still stays true to my new lifestyle change and weightloss plan.


1/4 cup almond milk
20 drops of vanilla liquid stevia (my favorite brand is nunaturals)
1/8 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract
cinnamon to your liking

add these items to your cold chai tea brew and stir, then pour over ice and enjoy!

i used the twinnings brand of chai tea because it was all i had left, but tazo is my favorite so far. 


i like to live a clean eating (and drinking) lifestyle, but i NEVER judge anyone who decides otherwise. i always encourage others to eat clean as well, but i don't push my own opinions and beliefs on anyone. i choose to eat clean because it has been the only thing my body can handle in the success of my weight loss.

in saying that, one of my absolute favorite things to add to my coffee and tea used to be the torani line of syrups. if you haven't tried them, then you are seriously missing out! a lot of coffee shops use them or similar products, and i am telling you, you will love them. they come in a huge variety of flavors and last a super long time. just trade out the vanilla extract for this stuff and you are set. buy a few of them and you could enjoy a different coffee or tea every day!


and of course, you can also exchange the items above with any type of milk or sweetener for a similar drink.

prefer iced coffee? check this out!

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