Wednesday, June 12, 2013

my favorite people to follow on instagram


"follow me and repost to win a dress! follow me and repost to win a tent! follow me and repost to win some hoop art!"

i follow a lot of people on instagram simply because someone is giving away a prize and i want to win. that doesn't mean i don't love their feed, because i won't follow anyone who has a boring feed or one that doesn't fit my lifestyle, but it just means, i follow a lot more people because of the beautiful stuff they create and don't know much more than that about them. however, there are a few people i have been following for awhile, usually because they are bloggers or have blogged in the past, and have grown to know a bit more about them and love to keep up with their daily lives, and quite possibly have a thing or two in common with them.


did i mention that i totally have a woman crush on these ladies also? they are seriously so gorgeous!

  • i can totally relate to julie because she is a step mom also and sometimes struggles with how to find her place as a second mother to her step children. not to mention, having to deal with the "ex". however, she is a mom genius when it comes to keeping her 4 little ones busy. you can follow her on ig as @wrongway_peachfuzz.

  • i have been trying to convince jason to move to hawaii for awhile now and maryam always makes island life look so fabulous! on top of that, she has a surfing husband, 3 incredibly cute sons, and just recently started her own line of fashions, of one sea. i am in love with her ideas and motivation behind this line! follow her on ig as @milkfriendly.

  • i have personally known jennifer outside of instagram, when we were roommates for awhile after i graduated high school. she is such an amazing person with a passion for veganism, animal rights, and natural healing. she just recently got engaged and has a handsome little fur baby, named bingsley. you can follow jennifer and all of her life adventures as @jenniferlynn_ on ig.

  • chelsea is a woman of many talents for sure! the girl is currently in nursing school, mother to a beautiful little girl, and blogger. how the girl is able to juggle it all is beyond me. chelsea is also one of my favorite bloggers, but her instagram has all the fun "behind the scenes" of her life that you don't always get to see on her blog. follow chelsea on ig as @_sunnysprinkles.

are you on instagram too? if so, be sure to leave your info below so i can follow you. you can also follow me on instagram as well as @sixcherries!

♥ joni
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