Wednesday, July 17, 2013

fat butt friday (i'm early this week) | july measurements

i haven't been around much lately because the #1 focus for me right now is my weight loss. i am overcoming something that has been very difficult for me the last few years, caused a lot of depression, and caused a lot of anxiety and low self esteem. i am using my time wisely to really focus on all of that and working toward becoming a better person in the long run. all of these changes in my life, also equal up to a lot of changes that will go on here on the blog as well. i am promoting a healthier lifestyle now, therefor, i have to pick and choose the people and companies i want sponsoring my blog and blog posts. i still bake cookies and cakes every now and then, especially for the kiddos, however, i try to make them with the "best choice" ingredients, and want my blog to reflect that. thanks to all of you who have continued to stick around. you are all a small part of what has made me so successful in my weight loss.

moving on...

it's been a little over a month since i shared my measurements, so i thought i would share them again today. i want to point out though, that i believe i mixed up all my numbers last month. at the time i posted them, they seemed a little weird and out of sorts, but i went with them anyways. so rather than linking back to last months measurements, i am linking back to the measurements from around this time last year.

body measurementsmeasurements_July 2013
all measurements are recorded in inches.

the heat has really prevented me from getting in a great running workout and i just haven't been feeling those videos lately. i lose interest in those things so quickly! however, i have definitely stayed on track with my eating and have even found some fabulous new clean recipes that i will be sharing in the upcoming weeks. if you follow me on instagram you may have already seen some of them.

talk to me...what have you been struggling with lately when it comes to your health and fitness goals?

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