Thursday, July 11, 2013

how i feel about the whole copycat epidemic

it seems like every time i am on facebook, twitter, or instagram lately, the #1 topic of frustration is the copycat syndrome that is going on with everyone, so i am here to lend my 2 cents to the whole thing.

first of all, majority of the time, we don't actually know WHO the original source of an idea is. sometimes i am simply feeding my social media addiction and skimming the sites not even realizing ideas are embedding in my brain. then later, when i am putting together some ideas, i realize that i got some of them online but honestly don't know where. i could say that i got my idea on pinterest, but even making a comment like that is insulting to some. 

perfect example: i want a church pew! where the heck that sparked from, i have no idea, but it definitely came from the internet. it resonated with me a few days and then i started diving into the pages of pinterest to look at the other church pew ideas of others. when my idea came to mind, i had no idea church pews were so damn popular!

here's how i feel about the whole thing...

we are all feeding off of each other and generating ideas from everything. sometimes the only way to do something is the exact same way as 3.2 million other people. if i physically go onto pinterest and see something i like and then physically click over to a tutorial and follow the tutorial to create my own, then i am most definitely going to credit the blog or website i used. however, if i am cruising along and see something and am all like "oh wow, that's neat! i can do that!" and pin it and then make my own, i am not going to go in search of an original link to a site just to give someone credit for something that i clearly put together myself. however, i am going to say that one thing that seems to irk the nerves of so many people... "i got the idea on pinterest". 9 times out of 10 i have at least 3 or 4 similar pins of the same idea anyways, so to me, a statement is not that big of a deal. blogging is already enough work. actually scouting out the original "owner" of an idea like this would be ridiculous, in my opinion.

i know that that just isn't good enough for some people because there are so many bloggers out there that try to claim that their idea for something was original, and i completely understand how annoying that can be, but i say get over it. we all know, that that other person knows, that half a dozen other bloggers made that same craft or blogged that same topic THIS WEEK. those are the bloggers that eventually fall off the radar anyways so why even worry about it? they probably won't be around in a few months anyways.

i love to pull ideas from other people, but for the most part, i like to be my own person and do my own thing. i rather like being the oddball sometimes and actually find joy in marching to the beat of a different drum. that doesn't mean all of my ideas are original, i just don't typically follow the norm and trendy kind of turns me off.

in wrapping up my thoughts...

  • just be you! do your own thing (in the real world and in the blogging world)! your efforts at being original will be recognized by others and it will pay off in the long run.

  • we all have ideas, some similar, if not the same, as others, but if you stumble upon an idea and you try your hand at it, just give credit the best way you can. it only makes you a more credible person (and blogger) if you are honest about where your ideas originated.

  • in the nicest way i can say it... you are only making yourself look like an idiot when you try to claim someone else's original idea as your own. i hate to say it, but it is probably one of the top mistakes new bloggers make.

what are your thoughts about all this copycat business going on lately? is it making you crazy?


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