Thursday, August 29, 2013


chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense. 

Decon Team 2

that's the unit jason is with and just recently he was asked to join this team of 3 others to do a decon job that no other team in the U.S. has been successful at. so far, not only have they been successful, but the big dogs all over have gotten word and are pretty impressed. plus, they are saving the military millions of dollars by not hiring outside to do this job.

i am pretty proud of him and all he does.

last week, i was asked to come in and take a few photos of their team at the joint force headquarters building for an article that is being written about the work they have been doing. it was also an opportunity to spend some time with jason since he has been gone a lot more lately. i was grateful for that time with him, without the kids. 

our little mini date...we stopped and got starbucks! we haven't done that together in a long time!
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