Friday, October 11, 2013

Fat Butt Friday | October Measurements

These last couple of months, I have continued to lose weight, but definitely at a slower pace. I am currently only 5 lbs. from my goal so I am doing great, but I have been a little slack when it comes to working out. Getting out there for a run has been pretty sporadic since school has started back and Jason was away for 2 months (I didn't have my workout partner! *sad face*)

Not only have I continued to lose weight, I have continued to lose inches too. I am so excited about! Sadly, even though I joke about it though, I have absolutely NO butt now! Yes, I have a Miley Cyrus back there and squats are not my friend! Here are my most recent measurements:

body measurementsoctober 2013 measurements

With Fall here and Winter on the horizon, my biggest fear is gaining some of the weight back. I have such a hard time staying committed to working out and eating healthy during the colder months and during the times when all those holiday meals and treats are so tempting!

What is your biggest temptation during the holidays? Mine is red velvet cake covered in crushed candy canes!

And indoor workouts... oh my goodness, I CAN NOT listen to Jillian Michael's through one more video! I don't actually remember the last time I had to go through the holiday season that I wasn't either pregnant or way overweight! This will be the first year in many! Someone hold me, I'm scared! 

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