Friday, October 18, 2013

Fat Butt Friday | There Will Come a Time When You Just Have to Eat a Brownie

Regardless of what you eat or don't eat, whether its eating clean, or you are a vegan or vegetarian, there are foods that are still considered junk foods or unhealthy foods that most people try to avoid while losing weight. Personally, I must avoid all junk foods for a period of time in order to jump start any kind of weight management. Sugar is my enemy! I have literally been addicted to sugar so bad that I craved it, got headaches when I couldn't eat it, and felt physically sick if I didn't have it. However, if we are all being honest with ourselves, there is just no way we can avoid those junk foods or sweet treats for the rest of our lives. That's just not realistic and no way to live!

You can make some pretty amazing sweets that still fit within your dietary guidelines of clean eating or veganism, but you still have to monitor the amount you eat or you will gain weight. I try to eat clean simply because it's what my body responds best to when it comes to losing weight. The weight literally fell off of me simply by eating clean. But of course, there are birthdays to attend and holidays to celebrate, and what would a birthday be without cake?

So far I have lost over 50 lbs. and there have been a few times where I have given in to the temptations and enjoyed a piece of cake here, a cookie there, and a few other things. We all just have to learn how to eat those things in moderation. Of course, losing weight is a big challenge, but I think the bigger challenge is learning to eat "normally" and keeping the weight off.

I think we all beat ourselves up so badly when we "mess up", that we automatically throw in the towel. Move past the moment and get back on track! Instead of telling yourself that you will get back on track on Monday, get back on track RIGHT NOW!

There will come a time when you just have to eat a brownie, but don't beat yourself up about it! 


Homemade brownies made by my daughter, Mackenzie. And YES, I ate one!

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