Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Five Faves: Adult Halloween Costumes

I have never actually attended a real Halloween party, but I sometimes fantasize about attending one, or even perhaps throwing one of my own. I wanna bob for boogers, germs, and saliva in a bucket full of apples and water, I want to learn all the moves ahead of time and rock the dance floor to Michael Jackson's Thriller, I want to conjure up spirits during a seance (ha, not really, that kind of shit scares the hell out of me), play the Halloween Mummy Relay with all my adult friends, and I want to have an A-MAZ-ING costume.

The last time I dressed up was about 5 years ago and I was Princess Leia. We dressed as Star Wars characters as a whole family, and looking back at those photos, I could have tried a smidge harder with that little ensemble I wore.

Here are five of my favorite adult costume finds. I bet if I were dressed as that mummy, no one would even recognize me. Well, maybe the fact that I am only 5 ft. tall would give me away!

adult costumes 

What are you going as this Halloween, or what costume would you love to wear?

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