Monday, October 28, 2013

Little Halloween Details

I used to always go overboard with the decorations when it came to Halloween. However, as I have gotten older, I have strayed away from all of the silly cheap decorations and opted for a few more simple decorations, many of which are handmade. Sometimes I look back and wonder what was I thinking.

I have definitely learned from experience along the way. Even this year, I discovered that keeping simple decor along with a neutral color palette around my home is the best way to transition from season to season without having to change every little thing. I love my bright blue Ikea curtains, but I don't love them right now as I have decorated my home with Fall colors. And I will probably feel very similar about them when I start putting up my tree and decorating for Christmas.


I made the garland that hangs across our entrance mirror a few years ago and have been hanging it ever since. I think I have hung it in a different spot every year since I made it and this year is definitely my favorite spot.

The scarecrow wreath was given to me by my dad and step mom many many years ago right after Mackenzie was born and we moved to our first apartment. I had planned to do something new to spruce it up this year, but I couldn't bring myself to change it. Even though it is faded and raggedy, it was one of my first decorations.

This can was an old coffee can that I wrapped with jute twine and added a bow to. I added a tree limb to it and some filler to hold it in place and we have been using it as an indoor "Fall tree". We have special plans for it next month. 

I had a bunch of fabric scraps leftover so I decided to make this scrap bunting to hang in our bedroom. I actually went overboard cutting and made several of these that I plan to give out to encourage others.

Do you celebrate Halloween? What are some of your favorite Halloween decorations?


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