Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sartorial Kid | Church Attire

We love the church we attend. I leave there feeling amazing every time and blessed to be part of such a wonderful place. Crossroads Fellowship is a church that is somewhat lax when it comes to how you dress though. I wouldn't wear the sweatpants and T-shirt like I saw another individual wearing last weekend. However, I never judge because I don't know what may be going on in that individuals personal life. God bless that person if this were the case, but they could have had a house fire that week, but still put on what little they had, and came to church that day.

We personally find wearing a nice pair of jeans (or khaki pants for the guys, and dresses for the gals) that have been dressed up work best for us. This is a typical outfit that Elijah would wear to church each week.


Long Sleeve Shirt: Healthtex, gifted
T-Shirt: Walmart, $3
Jeans: Old Navy, $10
Shoes: Converse, $30
Reversible Belt: Tony Hawk for Kohls, gifted
Hat: Thrifted, $1

We used to attend church regularly, but when this little guy came along and we became a family of 8, I was a little nervous about putting him with the infant program at church. We stopped attending for awhile, and awhile turned into 4 years. Only recently did we start attending again. It was the first time Elijah had ever been in a structured setting, and it is something he is still getting used to, but he loves it. There was never a time, so far, that he was hesitant about going. I am so proud that he goes right in and joins the class and loves to learn about The Bible.

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