Tuesday, October 1, 2013

She's the Mack!


Just recently, I was able to do a mini session with my oldest daughter, Mackenzie. It's so hard to get all of my kiddos to cooperate when taking group photos, so I have opted for individual sessions every now and then. We will be trying for a family Christmas card photo here really soon and I hope they turn out.

Mackenzie is certainly growing up to be such an amazing young woman. She is such a free spirit and passionate about so many things. I love that she always knows just what she wants and goes for it! It's so hard to believe she is 15 and we are already beginning to talk about college and what her plans for the future are. I look forward to being part of it all when the time comes.


10 Things About Mackenzie

She likes Nirvana, Alice Cooper, and One Direction, but her favorite is FUN.

She loves reading and wants to be a writer... and is actually in the process of writing her first book. 

She also loves acting and culinary arts, and is currently in classes for both. 

She is a talented artist...she can draw and sculpt some pretty awesome stuff!

She has an amazing singing voice. 

She has some tomboy in her and enjoys skateboarding, long boarding, rip sticking, and surfing.

You will not win an argument with her. You just won't. The girl has some amazing comebacks too.

She is a true comedian. I have peed my pants on more than one occasion. The girl is hilarious.

She is a tad bit lazy though. I am sure it's the teenager in her.

I am pretty convinced she will marry an older man. She is head over heels about Johnny Depp and Robert Downy Jr. the most, but on many occasions has pointed out the "hotness" of many older actors.  


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